Scholarships and Grants


Clarity Christian College strives to make each student’s education affordable.  Review the Financial Aid options below. Download and fill out the proper application and submit it to the admissions office.

All Scholarships and Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis as funds permit

President's Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount $2,500
  • Competitive scholarship awarded to full-time incoming freshmen. Applicants must have a high school GPA of 3.85 and a SAT I score (Critical Reading and Math sub-tests only) of 1400 or ACT score of 32. Renewable with a college GPA of 3.5.
  • Deadline: June 15

Distinguished Scholar Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount $800
  • Awarded to traditional, full-time students
  • Minimum GPA: 3.65 and
  • SAT I score: 1050 – 1600 (incoming freshmen only; based on Critical Reading and Math sub-tests only) or
  • ACT score: 22 – 36
  • Renewable with a 3.45 cumulative GPA

Music Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount Varies
  • Awarded by the Music Department to students who demonstrate superior music ability and who are committed to Clarity Christian College and the ministry focus of the programs. Annual application is required.
  • Please contact the Music department for more information.

AWANA Citation Award

  • Scholarship Amount $1,000
  • Awarded to each first and third year full-time student who has completed the Awana Citation Award
  • You must submit copy of your AWANA Citation Award by June 15.

No application required.  Submit a copy of your Citation Award.

Clarity Christian College Alumnus Award

  • Scholarship Amount $500
  • Awarded to each first and third year full-time student who is the child or grandchild of any Clarity Christian College or Florida Bible College alumnus

Florida Bible College Grant

  • Scholarship Amount $2,000
  • Awarded to students based on academic achievement and financial need. The student must be enrolled full-time at Clarity Christian College and have a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Pastor, Missionary and Ministry Dependent Grant

  • Scholarship Amount $1,000
  • Awarded to full-time students demonstrating need, who are dependents of full-time pastors, missionaries or in ministry work who provide their family’s primary support and whose ministries are consistent with the mission of FBC.
  • Renewable with a college GPA of 3.5

Homeschool Recognition Award

  • Scholarship Amount $500
  • Awarded to each first and third year full-time student who will have completed their secondary education through homeschooling

Spouse Tuition Reduction Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount Varies
  • Clarity Christian College funded benefit for married CCC students who desire to train together for ministry. The amount is two-thirds reduction rate for one spouse up to nine credit hours (recipient will be the spouse with the fewest credit hours)(Note: After the first nine credits’ reduction, each subsequent credit taken will cost the regular price).  One spouse must be attending Clarity Christian College with full-time enrollment (12 credits).  The spouse who will receive the deduction will attend with equal or fewer credits. Student must reapply each semester.

Military Service Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount $3,000
  • Thank you for your service and welcome home! Clarity Christian College is proud of the courageous men and women who actively serve our country.  Therefore, we offer a $3000 scholarship ($375 toward each semester’s tuition up to eight semesters) to all Active Duty, Reservists, National Guard – all branches, Veterans, and military spouses with current military ID’s.