Florida Bible College is now Clarity Christian College

Dr. Stan Ponz speaks about the name change of Florida Bible College to Clarity Christian College at the FBC Gathering on October 22, 2022

Florida Bible College Name Change

Florida Bible College
Clarity Christian College


  1. Aren’t there other ministries with the name Clarity in them? Could that create confusion? The word or name Clarity is a popular name, so other ministries will likely have that name in it. Clarity Ministries International, founded by our beloved Dr. Richard Seymour, is the most well-known in our tradition. When research and input from many selected alumni were being done for a name that best describes FBC, Clarity Christian College kept coming up. Knowing Clarity Ministries International, Dick and Kathy were both consulted and gave us full endorsement for using the name. We are very grateful for their spirit and support.
  2. Is there anything wrong with the name Florida Bible College (FBC)?  Nothing is wrong with the name FBC.  The new name was chosen to show more clarity to its founding vision of education and ministry.
  3. Will there be a physical location/campus? Lord willing, someday soon. (As soon as the Lord provides the funds necessary for a quality brick-and-mortar campus)
  4. What is the position or status of accreditation?   We are not accredited yet. At the same time, we could choose accreditation with some easy accrediting associations but have decided not to because of the heavy influence of ministries that are not in the biblical tradition of Florida Bible College and for many other reasons.  All of our faculty have degrees from accredited schools and teach in their area of educational disciplines and experience. So, simply stated, we are pointing the school toward accreditation as long as it does not cause us to compromise our doctrine, Biblical emphasis, revenue, and Godly alliances. Remember, it takes much revenue to pursue, earn, and retain any level of accreditation status.  We are investing our resources in our quality educational system, faculty, students, and support systems.
  5. What is the financial status of Florida Bible College now Clarity Christian College? Since 2016 when FBC officially launched its new beginning, it has remained debt-free, with many operating expenses covered by Make It Clear Ministries (MICM) and the sacrifice of those who give to the school and serve on staff and faculty.  All faculty have been with us from the beginning except Dave Arlington, who went to be with the Lord after a long illness (not Covid-19).  The registrar and teachers are given financial gifts for teaching or proctoring their classes.  There is an endowment of $2500 and $3800 in the FBC account. Like all the ministries of MICM, each ministry must rise and fall on its own funding.
  6. What about FBC of Tampa?  We applaud, recommend, support their efforts, and pray for them.  In good faith, Clarity Christian College has donated at least 100 boxes of books to the library of FBC of Tampa, with more being sent in the future. Would to God, there were more Bible colleges emphasizing the gospel’s accuracy, clarity, and urgency.  Yet there will always be different approaches to education. The Lord likes variety… look at the variety in our children, churches… and people in sports stadiums! 
  7. Is there a board of governance for Clarity Christian College?  Yes. The trustees of FBC voted unanimously to transfer FBC to Make It Clear Ministries.  As MICM president and FBC trustee member, Stan Ponz recused himself from this vote and early transition. The FBC trustees have resigned but remain available for input and advice.  Make It Clear Ministries has a great relationship with the FBC trustees and vice versa.  Steve Bils, FBC’s former chairperson, provides much helpful advice and is used as a consultant. The deciding factors were the following:
    • Many of the FBC trustees were becoming unable to serve the college at the level FBC needed to move forward.
    • There was much confidence of the board in the leadership of the FBC president, who is also the founder and president of MICM…and that MICM met the doctrine, vision, mission, and purpose of FBC’s standards.
    • The leadership and strength of MICM were solid and healthy to be able to assume the magnitude of needs and legacy of FBC.
    • There was no need to merge with any other schools since FBC was not closing. 
  1. Will Clarity Christian College now become a Christian Liberal Arts college?  No.  The college will continue being distinctly committed “to the faith once delivered to the saints” and will carry the same biblical foundational emphasis in each course the school had since its beginning including a major in Bible with the same amount of Bible credits. It will equip people for Christian ministry with a double major yet without being a liberal arts college.
  2. Who will retain and provide the transfer of past and present FBC student records?  Since FBC is Clarity Christian College and vice versa, Clarity College will have FBC’s student records and provide any necessary transcripts.
  3. Will there still be an FBC Alumni Association?  Yes.  The name has been updated to Alumni Life to identify relationships rather than an organization.  Since FBC and Clarity Christian College are the same schools but with a fresh new name, the alumni will always remain in the same alumni fellowship. 
  4. Do I have to call the school Clarity Christian College?  Can I still refer to my school as FBC?  Of course, you can.  For the first year, it will most often be referred to as Clarity Christian College, formerly Florida Bible College, to show the same school transitioning into a new name, not a different college. 
  5. What is being done to revitalize the college in today’s educational climate?  There is a broad range of educational systems in place and others in various stages of development like on-campus (when one is in place), online, in country, and in communities.  There will be a hybrid online, video, live, and in-person classroom instruction.  Plus, lectures, discussions, hands-on apprenticeships/internships, and other pedagogical methods.
  6. Are educational opportunities the same?  Yes.  But in many ways, even better, with added curriculum and diploma programs.
  7. Will Clarity Christian College be associated with the any “Christian” denominations, Christian Fellowships, or any associations? We remain independent and non-denominational.  However, Clarity Christian College is a member of the IFCA, as FBC and various alumni, along with Ethnos 360 and others in our theological tradition.  No association is perfect, but this one gives us national and international recognition with similar ministries in doctrine, philosophy, and vision. As the school moves into the future, participation in other associations and fellowships will be evaluated based on similar doctrines, philosophies, vision, and other areas.
  8. What is the emphasis of the school? The desire is to educate Christians of all races to take the word of God and the Gospel as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ into every person’s world with accuracy, clarity, and urgency, founded on a deep love for Jesus Christ and others.
  9. Do we give to FBC or Clarity Christian College?  You may give to both, but Clarity Christian College will use the revenue to continue the mission and vision of FBC. It is only a name change. As Clarity Christian College moves forward, it would be best to give to Clarity Christian College.
  10. Who would be the best person to ask with the most current answers if I have more questions? 

Specific Questions

    • The governance of Florida Bible College, Clarity Christian College, and Make It Clear Ministries and the Alumni Association now called Alumni Life = Steve Bils and John Boehm.
    • The transfer of student records and transcripts, alumni relations, mailing lists, social media = Patty Martin and John Boehm.
    • Curriculum and student fees, certificates, diploma, and degree programs = Jon Sperling.
    • Donations, estate planning, gifts-in-kind = John Boehm.  

General Questions

    • Florida Bible College, Clarity Christian College, and Make It Clear Ministries and their future = Dr. Stan Ponz.

Florida Bible College 
Changes Name to 

ORLANDO, FL — Florida Bible College is celebrating its 60th anniversary with the announcement of its formal name change to Clarity Christian College.
Florida Bible College was founded in 1962 by A. Ray Stanford.  He and his wife, Sue, had a vision for reaching people with the gospel’s accuracy, clarity, and urgency.  They knew men and women needed to be trained with accurate Bible teaching and practical ministry tools to fulfill this vision.
With the same determination to maintain the foundation set forth by its founders in the face of shifting world dynamics, drifting doctrinal integrity, and ambiguous gospel messages, its organizational leaders knew a name change was needed.  And they believe that Clarity Christian College is the name that anchors the ministry with better clarity to that foundation while pointing it to its vision and the future.
“Clarity” is what the school has stood for, taught, and demonstrated for 60 years—more than its location name.  Clarity is what the apostle Paul stated was necessary for speaking truth, For if the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, who will prepare for battle?  So likewise you, unless you utter by the tongue words easy to understand, how will it be known what is spoken?  For you will be speaking into the air.” 1 Corinthians 14:8,9).  And is what the leaders used when presenting the Word of God to the people of Israel, “[They] helped the people to understand the Law…So they read distinctly from the book, in the Law of God; and they gave the sense, and helped them to understand the reading. (Nehemiah 8:7b, 8).
“Christian” epitomizes the college as being distinctly committed “to the faith once delivered to the saints” and will carry the same Biblical foundational emphasis in each course the school has since its beginning, including a major in Bible with the same amount of Bible credits.  Clarity Christian College equips people for Christian ministry with a double major without being a liberal arts college.
“College” represents at all academic level’s students will be equipped to be effective in their ministry calling by providing the Church with skilled servant leaders to take God’s Word correctly, clearly, compassionately, courageously, consistently, and cheerfully into every person’s world.
“Our vision and mission are the same today as it was 60 years ago,” says Clarity Christian College President Dr. Stan Ponz. “We will draw from those lessons the Lord has taught us in our 60 years of ministry training to pursue new opportunities He presents to us – opportunities to reach and change the world for God’s glory!” 
For more information on Clarity Christian College and its formal name change, visit ClarityChristianCollege.com.

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